Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I drove over to my parents on Sunday to unearth my other car. What a pain. 2 hours of snowblowing, shoveling and chiseling. The snow was ROCK hard. After a bit of rocking back and forth and burning up what clutch I don't have left...VICTORY!!! My Contour was mobile once again.

I had let her sit for a good two months before parking at my parents for another two months. I really wanted to drive around and get rid of that old gas. I park my sexy shiny 6 and drive off.

It's running as good as a car with 192k on it can. Actually really good. I get all the way back to my apartment complex. As I'm turning in I hit the brakes to slow down...huh kinda soft...that's weird. I should do a brake test and see what's up. I proceed to stomp on the brake pedal. Instead of coming to a screetching hault, my foot goes to the floor. OH CRAP! I pump them a few times. Nothing. It's Sunday night so nobody is around. I roll back to my apt using the E-brake. Yep, blew a brake line. So what do I do? Drive it back to my parents using only the E-brake. LOL!

That could have been really bad. I'm glad it blew in a good spot. I guess kickass braided stainless brake lines don't mean crap if you've got rusty steel lines feeding them. ...argh...

Oh well, I at least got some Stabil in the tank. Hopefully it'll be good 'til spring when I can fix everything. :(

Saturday, January 16, 2010


As a geek, I find this incredible...

7 Color Laser Using The White Fusion Kit

A multimode Argon Laser used to cost $10k and be the size of a kitchen table. Now you can hold a laser that can produce any color imaginable in the palm of your hand. I love technology.

Now some video projector manufacturer needs to get off their butt so that I can have my 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio laser projector. ;)

The last thing that I need is another project, but I'd love to build one of these and see if I can build my own scanning system. With an RGBHV feed, it wouldn't be that hard. Each laser would have it's own luminance information and the sync lines could be used to drive a stepper. I wonder if this could be hacked...

Liquid Light Show Polygon Scanner

BTW, if it spins at 8170rpm and had 5 mirrors, why does it have a scan rate of 817Hz? Wouldn't it be 40,850 Hz? In one revolution, it scans 5 times. ???? 40,850 is more than enough for 1080i, but not 720p.


8170rpm is pretty darn fast. I wonder if that is a typo.


Limiting yourself

I don't get iTunes. Or at least the people that go on there and only buy 1 track off of an album.

I guess that these are the same people that can listen to Kiss or Laser or The EDGE... or whatever local radio station that you have that plays the same Beyonce/Thrice/Ozzy song over and over and over and over...barf...

BTW, right now I'm listening to Creamy Radio play Small Penis Compensation Vehicle by The Born Again Floozies. LOL! God I love internet radio.

I just think that you are limiting yourself by only buying that one single that you like. Yeah, there are truly some one hit wonders out there...but they are few and far between.

I also guess that music just isn't that important to most people. It just there, and it's nice but nothing more. Just backround music.

I seriously think that I'd go crazy of become suicidal if I couldn't listen to music. New, different music.

I will admit that I haven't bought any music in almost 2 years. Al least not more and a CD or two here and there. My "CD's to Buy" list is now up around 60. I've gotten so spoiled by internet radio. I almost feel limited by just listening to my iPod.

...WOW, Creamy is now playing Whirlpool by Seal. Didn't think I liked any Seal songs. Not a bad...

Now that's what I mean! I've been soo turned off by local radio playing a shitty Seal song that I never bothered to see what else he has made. BTW, wasn't he going with Giselle? Lucky fuck.

I will also admit... I know why people only buy one track. It's too fucking expensive!!! $1 for one measly track. Go fuck yourselves. I should get an entire CD, not a compressed MP3s, including a hard copy with album art for $5. That includes EVERYTHING. Not just the ancient stuff collecting dust on the shelves.

WOW, sorry about the rambling nature of this post. Kind of just my thoughts at the time.

BTW, it really pisses me off that no local stores carry The Danddy Warhols. I forgot the awesomeness of Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia and The Dandy Warhols Come Down. I love the track "Not if you were the last junkie on earth." IT IS AWESOME. It has soo much energy and I love the rock organ. (I don't know if that's what it is officialy called, but that's what I call it. LOL!) Higher ground by Stevie Wonder is another example of a kickass song that you must turn up that also features a rock organ.

BTW, I friend told me about this...

Groove Shark

I need to play around with it some more.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Analyzation Boy

Drank a super huge Mountain Dew with dinner, so how about just one more post? No hot women in this one though....

I've always been the kind of guy who sits back and just people watches. Also, because of my previous 10 years of meeting hundreds of people, I can nail someone's personality in the first 30 seconds of meeting them.

I knew that my boss was going to be interesting. He is an extremely driven, energetic, and ADD riddled guy. The exact kind of personality that you want running a business. (I'm not kidding. It's a good thing.) He is very appreciative of good work but has no tolerance for crap.

The one thing that I find funny is how he deals with things not working right. Technology, phones, computers, etc.

"It's crap!" "It's garbage!!" "I'm gonna throw it away and buy and Apple!!!!"

The last quote was when his notebook was acting up. He replaced his phone with an iPhone recently and is in love with it. He just wants his laptop to work like his iPhone.

I was actually laughing this last time that he blew up. I'm 95% sure he didn't take it the wrong way. It's just hilarious how it's like a light switch. Either he is in love with something or he HATES IT.

It's all in the personality. Driven, ADD people are just that way.

I should stop here but this will just be a way too long post that no one finds interesting but me...

There is this other guy at work that everyone is scared of. He carries this pissed off demeanor all the time.

It's all a show.

I called him on it the first time that he tried pulling it on me. We've gotten along really well ever since. It's actually pretty darn funny seeing everyone one else in the office avoid him. LOL!

I guess you have to be there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hat Trick...Three in a row...

Here's some fun stuff. Have you heard how they want to put those scanners in all of the airports. check this out...

The top half of the image is what the TSA is showing as the output the the operator sees. If you do a simple inversion of the picture, you get what you see in the bottom half. Isn't technology great? Ummm Miss, we didn't notice any weapons, but isn't it time to get that landing strip touched up? Getting kinda rough down there.

COME ON!!!!!!!! Why spend tons of cash on the scanners? Just have people fucking strip! It's the same damn thing!!! And it's free!!!!!!!!!

BTW, I was talking to one of the engineers at work and the pics aren't an exaggeration. They use essentially a special type of radar that is tuned to the density of human flesh. That's why you see metallic/plastic objects as opaque and clothes as only a faint ghost. It's combined with body heat to get more detail.

Death Toll

Since it's been forever, why not a two-fer!

On a shitty note, we laid off more people on Monday. 4 people got completely canned and two others got reduced to part time. The last layoffs were at the end of August. I think it was 6 then.

10 people doesn't sound like much, but when you only have 40 to start with, it's alot.

I haven't been able to sleep the past two nights because I know that I'm next on the list. I absolutely love my job. I like 99% of the people that I work with. I just know that when the ax finally drops, it is going to suck HARD. I'm in the technology industry and there isn't shit out there for jobs.

I thought that this past round of layoffs wasn't going to happen for at least another 4-6 months. The scary thing is that the boss said that he wanted to do it at the end of October but couldn't stomach firing people before the holidays. That worries me even more because that means that we've been carrying dead weight for an extra 2-3 months.

I'm guessing that the next round will be... me (IT guy), 3 people that got hired a couple months before me, the part timers, and the smoking hottie mentioned below. MAYBE one of the project leaders. After that, the company is down to a skeleton crew.

It will fucking happen. The gov't is screwing shit up soo bad for architecture firms right now, I don't see business really picking up for at least 18 months or more. Banks aren't lending so nobody can build.

I'm guessing I've got 3-6 months. I can see paying off my my credit card in about 3 months, but not my car. Fuck. I'll get REALLY depressed if I have to sell my car. That was the best thing to happen to me...well since I got this great job.

I guess I had better start practicing...

Would you like fries with that?

Absolutely helpless

WOW, almost a whole year since my last post LOL! Too darn busy. Anywho...

This gets chalked up to I NEED A GIRLFRIEND yet again.

So at work today I'm helping out a coworker. She is very cute, newley married, and gives Pam Anderson a run for the money. I'm showing her how to use this piece of software. She's sitting down, I'm standing next to/over her. I was talking to her for a few minutes then. WOW>>>>

I mean I wasn't trying to sneak a peek or anything. I swear. Just all of a sudden I'm looking at some of the most perfect cleavage. I swear it was pure instinct/urge/whatever you want to friggin call it. Keep in mind that the view was 10x better than above. Tight low cut red shirt, perfect separation, perfect curves...

So then I'm freaked out. Holy crap! Did she notice? Did anyone else see me? ...sooo friggin amazing... I'm all flustered trying not to look anywhere near her amazing, incredibley perfect, mammoth mammories.

...What a problem to have at work. ;)