Thursday, August 02, 2007

I give up.

After today, I've lost complete faith in all of the management where I work.

Yesterday, I went onto a jobsite that was very raw. The drywall was up, there were a couple of construction lights in the room, but that was about it.

Today, I went onto a jobsite that we had no business being there. Extremely raw construction site, no exterior walls, open to the elements, a partial floor. But we still had to get going on the job.

This is fucked up. We install pro AV equipment. We can't install it in a damp, dirty, unsecure jobsite. I was in total disbelief today. I just want to scream at my manager, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? WHY THE FUCK ARE WE HERE!?!?!?!?"

We are scheduled at these two jobsites for the next three weeks solid. What are we going to do during those three weeks? I have no fucking idea. Actually I do know... We will tapdance around all of the other 40 contractors in the room and work at a snails pace just trying to do basic shit. The same basic shit that could get done 10X faster if we were just scheduled on the site at the appropriate time. ...two months from now.

I don't care when the general contractor says that the building is going to be completed. They are obviously full of shit. If they are two months behind schedule, we shouldn't be there for another two months. It's not fucking rocket science.

I seriously thought about just walking off of the jobsite today, packing up my stuff at the shop, and quitting. I am done with this company.

Oh yeah, my pervious post was obviously wrong. Not only was I going onto a contruction site, I was going on TWO. I am fucking miserable right now.