Monday, April 17, 2006

I must have new music.

I've said it multiple times in the past. I love music. I love NEW music. I love discovering an artist that nobody has ever heard of before. I like being able to listen to an album 20 times and discover something new everytime.

That is why I hate Milwaukee radio. It is a wasteland of old regurgitated crap that has been played a times before. If 78 record executives haven't approved it, it won't get played in Milwaukee. I bought a t-shirt from Insomniac Ink with the following logo...

I proudly wear it to all concerts and local music that I go to see. I always get compliments on the shirt. Milwaukee radio sucks that friggin bad.

What brings this topic up, is that I was forced to listen to my radio today. I was on site, had no CDs, and I wanted to hear something besides the voices in my head. ;) Both BM and I tuned around all day to hear the same garbage. 15 year old Nirvana, 4 year old Chevelle, ancient Alice in Chains, who-the-fuck-knows-how-old Pink Floyd, and the ever present barrage of whiney shoot-me-in-the-face crap that passes as music... Greenday and Smashing Pumpkins.


Not whiney Sum41, Blink182, Panic at the Disco, ColdPlay, Greenday.... It's all shit!!! And that's all Milwaukee radio plays. Who seriously listens to it?!? I want to know!!! Are there that many people in Milwaukee that are completely friggin braindead?!? How can this pass as being good?!?

The thing that I really don't understand is how the local "Music Directors" can keep their jobs. If you did absolutely nothing new at your job all day long 24-7-365, what would happen? You would get fired.

Who knows maybe they are getting fired and there is a constant line of retards standing by to take their position.

I just don't get it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Become a citizen!!!

I found my self screaming that at the TV over the last few days. I can't believe all of the protesting from ILLEGAL ALIENS. You aren't supposed to f'n be here! You don't pay taxes. You drive my car insurnace up. Why do you deserve anything?!?

One channel had an interview with a family that's living here illegally. The wife said seomthing like, "It's hard to get things." NO SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! They had been living here for 11 years. In that 11 years they couldn't go through the steps to become a citizen?

I don't care if you have 43 relatives waiting across the border. Do things the right way!

I'm all for an electrified 20 foot tall wall. Stay the fuck out!

Companies complain that without migrant workers, they would go out of business. Bullshit! That is what teenagers are for! When I was in high school, there were multiple farms that I could have worked at. Yes, picking cabbage would have sucked royal ass, but it's still a job.

If you rely on paying people shit money, you deserve to go out of business. God forbid Walmart goes under and people have to do their own landscaping. Oh wait.... That would kick ass! I'd love to see all of the rich yuppie douch bags out mowing their 5 acre lots. Sweat you trust fund fuck!

Also, learn the fucking language!!! If I moved to France, would I expect all of the cash machines to display in English? HELL, NO!!

It's fine if you want to teach your kids your native language. But learn the local language. Maybe then you can get a job as something other than a landscaper.

My granparents moved here from Norway. They became citizens. What's your lousy excuse you lazy fuck?