Friday, June 30, 2006

It sucks but it will still be good.

I'm talking about Summerfest.

This year the station that runs the "Rock" stage has changed formats. They used to be a somewhat cool station that played modern and some new rock. But they changed. They now only play 80's shit. They were loosing market share to a near identical station. What do they do? They play the exact same music (only with less variety) as the competing station. WTF? Somebody explain that on to me.

Last year I saw...
and a bunch of toher that the beer won't let me remember

This year there is...

Um, yeah. One local band. Everything else is old crap.

The lineup this year consists of (to name a few) Jackal, Everclear, Candlebox, Trapt, POD, and Seether. All old crap. Nothing new.

I wanna see...
Danko Jones
System of a Down
Sevendust (they never got old, and kick royal ass live)
Lacuna Coil
Moorish Idol

Here's the e-amil that I sent to the station earlier this year...

I'm truly afraid of the Summerfest lineup this year. Your programming change leads be to believe that it will be filled with hair-band garbage. There are already three stages dedicated to music for the old folks. We don't need one more. I, and my friends, would go to Summerfest 6+ days just to stand at your stage in the past. Last year's lineup was pathetic. It was mostly a copy of the previous year. Please don't do this again. There are plenty of bands that I know people would come to see...

Danko Jones, Celldweller, Cocksmiths, Flyleaf, Moorish Idol, Lacuna Coil, RA, Nonpoint, Sevendust

Please don't pussy out. Do some legwork and get some good bands. Somebody should be shot if "Bret Michaels" is allowed on stage again as a headliner.

I kind of wonder if they would even have the Cocksmiths this year if I hadn't said something.

Oh yeah, even though the music will kind of suck this year, there still will be hot women EVERYWHERE. ;)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm retarded...again.

I blame this one on being very drunk though...

My roommate "J" and I go out drinking the weekend before last. The first bar is pretty dead. We sit down at the bar and I order a tall Jack n' Coke (my drink of choice). That goes down really easy... I order another just before J. The bar is still really dead. J orders another and we decide to move on after finishing our drinks. J's drink shows up. The bartender screwed up and poured him a Jack n' Coke instead of a Captain n' Coke. I now had two tall Jack n' Cokes that I needed to finish in short order, so I did. ;)

Even though I'm a big guy, three tall Jack n' Cokes in less than an hour is going to make a pretty good dent. I had a nice buzz going by the time we left the bar.

We went over to a small local bar where they had a pool table and always had a decent younger crowd. We go in a and sit down at the bar. Someone was sitting next to J but only their drink was there. This girl that we've played pool against in the past comes over and sits down. We all start shooting the shit. It turns out that the poolgirl had just quit her job and she has a bunch of people there with her. She introduces us to the crowd. Off to the end is this smoking hot dishwater blonde.

Barely a minute later she wanders over to the bar right next to me. I say something funny. She's all smiles. ...nice... She wanders back off to her friends.

Normally I would chalk this up to just a hottie encounter and just let it be. I mean she was INSANELY hot. Long blonde hair, incredible body, beautiful face, and all of 21 or 22. I started thinking of what MG had said. I knew that I had to at least take a shot. So I did...

I go over and sit down right next to her. I strike up a conversation and we have an awesome time. Talking, laughing the whole time. Did I mention that she was a goddess? ;)

The call last call before I know it. J wanders over and tells me that pool girl is having an afterbar at her place. Oh yeah...

We take off from the bar and drive over to her place. We get there just after pool girl and the blonde goddess. Pool girl is out of the car already and greets us. The blonde goddess is still sitting in her car in some heated discussion on her cell.


J, myself, and pool girl go into the house to have a drink. I ask pool girl what's up. She says that blonde goddess is talking to her (newly ex) boyfriend.

Fuckidy fuck fuck.

Pool girl goes out to see what is going on. I hear the car start up. The next think I see is the blonde goddess backing out and driving off.


My dumb drunk ass didn't even get her phone number when I was at the bar.

I'm retarded.

...damn she was friggin' hot...

Forgot to mention...

Through the course of our conversation, two things that really stand out in my mind were...

She mentioned that she was a 34C.


She mentioned that she wasn't really a blonde, she was a brunette.


This shit just doesn't happen to me. And I didn't get her number!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really really hope that I run into her again.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Hotel life and motivation

Right now I'm typing away laying on my hotel bed. It's really nice having free internet but other than that, it sucks.

Crappy bed, crappy pillows, shitty TV that doesn't work right. Eating greasy shit at restaurants all the time.

To add to that, work has been royally screwed up. We are working at a courthouse. A half-dozen rooms all with their own schedules. One day we can start at 9am, the next day it's 2:30pm. AND I'm stuck here without a vehicle. I have a massive 15ft truck that must stay parked on the jobsite. I can't even drive around and do stuff.

The last few days have been REALLY warm. It is also a college town with HOT women EVERYWHERE. I'd love to go to the beach and drool over the hotties but noooooooo I've gotta deal with this fucked up schedule. This brings me to motivation...

It Thursday and I already have 46 hours in. My other two co-workers are leaving and I'll be the only guy on-site tomorrow. I've been asked to "do what I can tomorrow." I don't want to do shit. I've worked my ass off all week in hot/humid rooms and I want to get the fuck out of here. It's also not going to be nice work tomorrow. It's going to be hauling around heavy/expensive shit, by myself, on a Friday. AND dealing with a fucked up system that a bunch of retards put in and I have to re-wire.

I probably won't get in trouble if I just left tomorrow morning. BUT I just can't. I have this work ethic that is very good despite my bitching.

It's just difficult to get motivated when you've worked your ass off and your co-workers are getting to enjoy a long weekend.

What's it like?

I wonder this alot... What's your life like? What's it like being you?

I see different people and wonder this. The yuppie fuck that has been handed everything his whole life and is driving a car that I can never afford. The CEO on the 45th floor. The person with the perfect body and can eat anything that they want without worrying about their weight.

I was sitting at Perkins tonight eating dinner. A little while after sitting down, this goddess waites on a table across the room. Young college babe. Long blonde hair, amazing body, beautiful face, and at least a D cup. In-freakin-credible.

What's it like?

What's it like having everybody of the opposite sex, and some of the same sex, want to fuck your brains out? Treat you nice and give you special treatment just because they "might have a chance."

I can barely imagine what that would be like. How it would change my outlook on life. Perfect body. Any hot chick that I wanted. Get anywhere in life just on my looks. I'm guessing that I'd be alot dumber... but would I care? With somebody like Kate Beckinsale waiting for me at home? Probably not.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nobody's Home

Howdy bitches!

I've been working my ass off out-o-town the last few days. I just now got my laptop set up with the LaQuinta wireless network. I'll try to post something tonight or tomorrow morning. :)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pent up posts

OK, since I started my new old job, I've been getting my ass kicked. It's a good thing because I'm really out of shape and need some exercise. I'm also working with a bunch of old friends and very helpful/knowledgable people. A massive change from the last company.

I'm feeling posty tonight so here's a few...

What the fuck am I waiting for!?!

I'm a procrastinator. If there's no deadline, I have very little motivation.

On my jobsite today there was this blonde personal trainer. F'n goddess. Cute, beautiful face, unbelievable body, and very nice and friendly. She even had these black workout pants that I swear were spray painted on. Her ass should be on some sculpture somewhere. Well, you get the idea...

Every day I think to my self... I've gotta loose some friggin weight! What am I waiting for!?! Then I go get some fast food garbage and sit on my couch for the rest of the night.

What the hell am I doing?!? If I'm ever going to find a girl half as gorgeous as the workout hottie today, I've gotta get moving. Next year, I break the big three-ohh. My friends are fucking, getting married, having kids, working at REAL jobs, and buying houses. I'm not doing any of those.

I essentially have the same mindless job that I had 7 years ago.

Because of my weight, I feel that I can't approach any women when I'm out.

I'm still working on paying off my credit card so a new car or house ain't gonna happen any time soon.

It's frustrating. I know what I need to do but I just don't do it. I get home from work, tired, and just say "fuck it." I go out to the bars and say "I WANT THAT!!!" But I do nothing to improve my chances/self esteem.

I don't know what the heck I'm waiting for.

I'm not paying for 128k.

I find it funny that people pay $1 per song for the equivalent of a cassette tape single. It may be digital but it's not anywhere near CD quality. 128k files are over 11 times smaller than a CD quality track. It's impossible to compress something that much without loosing ALOT of detail.

I will pay for a lossless audio file. That is a file that is as good as or better than a CD quality audio file. I'm still not going to pay $1 per track. That is a load of shit. You aren't getting a hard copy, and cover art, and you are limited to the number of "devices" that it will play on. The music companies, Apple, Napster, and all of the other online music retailers are making out like friggin bandits. They are charging you $1 to download 3 to 5 MB or data??? By that standard, my DSL line should cost me about $130,000 a month. (If I average a 2Mb/sec download speed, I can download 648,000MB in a month.)

People just don't understand what they are paying for.

MTV Movie Awards

I've found out a couple of things so far...

Kate Beckinsale is still a f'n goddess. I flipped it on by my computer and I see this smoking hot ass. The actress turns and look who, Kate Beckinsale. Yummy.

Gnarls Barkly is weird and I like it. I saw them perform on Conan a little while ago but I forgot to look them up. They just played on the movie awards. Very cool sound. Kinda like Moby but not as techno. The singer also has a cool Al Green kinda voice.

It needed to be in HD!!!!!!!! I'm sick of standard definition. I'm also sick of having to pay a premium for high definition. Start a trend MTV. Start broadcasting in HD and make the cable companies carry it with standard definion MTV.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Who were you!?!

Just a quickie...

Today I am driving back to the shop after fininshing up a job... I'm shooting the shit with this new guy that I'm woking with. Car stuff. Good conversation.

As I'm driving, I notice this red pickup with this beautiful brunette driving right along side me. She is looking over like she knows me. Not the changing lanes glance, or the "you cut me off a-hole" glare. But the kind of look that you give someone when you kinda recognize them and wanna say something. She notices my focus shift fom my conversation and take a glance at her... She snaps her head back and takes off. WTF was that?!? Did she know me? Who was that?!? Was it Jeni? The girl that I foolishly let get away soo many years ago? I can't even remember her face anymore...

This stupid little 5 second experience has my mind racing. Who was she!?!