Sunday, October 30, 2005

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I just received the following email from a friend...

"Is everybody happy?? Looking to hire someone as install lead or even freelancer, spread the word. Let me know how your doing."

This hits me at a very interesting time. I haven't updated my blog in a while because I've been pretty miserable. My job royally sucks. With the exception of NJ, I work with a bunch of idiots. I'm getting really tired and want to find something new. Also, I'm 4 months overdue for a review/raise. Here is what is bouncing around in my head right now:

If I don't get a decent raise, I should go.
If the retards don't shape up, I should go.
My drivetime will almost double.
The installs at the new place would be simpler, which I hate. I like a challenge.
The equipment would be of better quality, which I like.
I would have seniority over any other installer at the new place.
What's the quality of cable/connectors at the new place?
What kind of tools/vehicles are provided at the new place?
Should I leave my current job only after 16 months for another job that I'm not planning on staying at for much longer?
Will an employer see two 1-year jobs on my resume and red flag me?
The new place doesn't do professional video or Cable TV systems, which I love.
I would be working with two people that I already have worked with for 5 years.
Should I just stay at my current job and study up for a computer/IT job?

Just a few of the decisions that came to mind.

I guess it comes down to how much of a raise that I get from my current company vs how much the new place is willing to pay. I think that the owner of the company is back in town next week.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Glutton for punishment

I just spent another $10 on powerball. I shouldn't have. I should spend it on more constructive things like a tapered drift punch. (Which I needed to install my power steering pump.) But instead I bought both. (I'm kinda drunk so I applejizz.)

There are many things that I could type right now. Like how I love L's sweet sexy ass, and how I still haven't been on a date in WAAAAAY too long. But drunk blogging is bad. So I'm just gonna go looke at prOn or something.

Did I ever tell you that whe is smoking hot and like cars? Mmmmmmmm. OK what was I doing? Oh yeah, porn, that's right.

BTW, did you know that Jennifer Espizito (no ficking clue on how to spell that one) has incredible nipples? I just got done watching Crash and she has a partial nude scene. Incredibly yummy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Look at all of those friggin zeroes. Right now the Powerball jackpot by me is up to a whopping $240 million. I'm not a gambler. I hate it when friends want to go to the casino. I just end up standing around and getting pissed off that they are spending all of their money on NOTHING. I will, on occasion, buy a lottery ticket. Only when it gets to insane levels. It is just nice to think that my family and friends would never have to work another day in their lives. And when I mean family, I mean my family for generations to come. After taxes, that will be about $100 mil. With interest, that should be able to sustain everybody in my extended family for the rest of their lives.

I have to admit it, I would have to set it up on some kind of trust fund basis. People get stupid with massive amounts of cash. I would want to ensure that all of my nieces and nephews have more than enough to go to any college that they want.

It would just be nice to not have to worry about money. Credit card bills, utility bills, rent, etc. I would also like to be able to do anything that I want with my hobbies. It drives me nuts that it is taking this long to get my turbo project finished. Most of the parts are just sitting here just because I don't have the cash to complete it. It will be awesome when it's done, but waiting sucks.

Teases are evil.

OK, I kinda forgot about the Ella's Deli hottie. I had the pleasure of going out on Friday and drinking with my roomate's co-worker L. (It was me, my roomate, L, Tom, and eventually L's ex.) I've blogged about her in the past. I think that she's a grade-a cutie. She also likes to torture me. Not physically but mentally.

When we were in the bar talking, she was saying how she got a new computer. I asked her if it was a Dell, HP, etc. She says, "No, my dad built it." She goes on to say how it has a 2.8Ghz Pentium with hyperthreading, not the Prescott. Whoa. Again, as I've said in the past, I'm amazed by a hottie that speaks geek. I was blown away.

Later at another bar, she goes on to say that she sleeps nude. WTF?!? My mind went blank for a few seconds after that to process the incredible mental imagery. I mean, WOW! I can just imagine that incredible ass covered only by a satin sheet. ..drool..

I know she is probably just saying this stuff just to screw with me. Which makes me wonder... Is it good to hang out with a tease? I like it because she is smoking hot and gives things for me to think about during the week. But it also kills me because I know that I probably have a snowball's chance in hell with her.

She also keeps weird company. She has this friend Tom who is like her friggin shadow. From talking to my roommate, it sounds like Tom REALLY likes L, but she isn't interested. He went to school for the same thing that she currently is, and he helps her with her homework. By help, I mean that he is there ALL DAY while she does stuff. To me, that sounds really weird. Also, he just moved to an apartment which is only a couple of blocks away from L. Very creepy.

L also lives in the same apartment as her ex (an two other's, it's a four bedroom place). I don't know if they were still seeing each other when they moved in together. I don't think that they were. Which is even more bizarre. Also, her ex was saying how they are still having sex. (he showed up at the bar, I guess he was a regular there) I don't know if that was just bullcrap, or if it was true. I guess that if she isn't seeing anyone, and there is already somebody who knows the turf, why not. Fuck buddies can be good. But your ex in the same apartment? I dunno, it still makes me wonder.

As usual, after the night was over, I went home thinking of a billion different things that I should have said. I suck at small talk and hindsight is 20/20. ...sigh...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Perfect 10

I just can't stop thinking about her...

NJ and I went over to this place called Ella's Deli today. We were working in Madison and neither of us had a decent lunch. It was this bizarre circus-like restaurant. There are tons of gadgets moving all over the place. Very cool. Anywho...

Our server came over and ...WOW... a brunette goddess. I couldn't imagine a more perfect girl. Beautiful eyes, sexy smile, incredible body. I don't know if it was noticeable but when she first came over to our table and asked for our drink request, I swear it took me a good second to say something. She had these incredible gray/green eyes. I was just mesmerized. I don't think that I would ever get tired of looking into those eyes. Just amazing. This just kills me...

I know that I probably have no chance with someone like this ...but... it's worth a shot. If I don't ask, I will never know. For all I know, she is a brilliant electronics/communications/computer major. Why does this incredible girl have to be in Madison?!? It's over an hour's drive away. Even if (by some miracle) she did say yes, it wouldn't work. I might be able to pull off the first couple dates. After that, then what? ARGH.

I've only met four other women in my lifetime that have completely blown me away like this babe. I just dunno.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I love my EDTV.

No, not that shitty movie with Matthew McConaughey! My Extended Definition TeleVision.

About four years ago I bought a RCA mm36100 EDTV. I got an awesome deal. About $700 off list because it was an open box item and my company couldn't return it. Anywho...

I just got finished watching Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. While I was watching it, I had my HTPC record Austin City Limits with Sheryl Crow on PBS-HD. Talk about some in-freakin-credible video. The footage was shot at night with just the stage lights for illumination. The one thing about HDTV is the incredibly saturated colors. It was amazing to see the light that the dichroics in the robotic lights were kicking out. WOW. On top of it all, because my TV had a good 2 hour warm-up period, the black detail was jaw dropping. Even though there were 2000 watt lights streaking across the audience, you could still pick out the wind blowing the leaves on the dimly lit trees in the background. WOW..again. If you have never seen HDTV on a CRT monitor or CRT video projector, please do so. Don't go to your local Best Buy/Circuit Chitty to do it. Go to a high end home theatre dealer. You will learn what the HD in HDTV is all about.

That brings me to another thought... You may have asked yourself earlier what the hell a EDTV is. A EDTV is a lower grade of HDTV. At the time $1200 could only get me to EDTV level. My RCA can only do 800x600 tops. A new true HDTV can do 1920x1440. Roughly 6 times the resolution. It's amazing what 5 years of technological advances can do.

BTW, for any tech geeks reading... yes I said 1920x1440 not 1920x1080. I'm talking 4:3 not 16:9. Considering that 97% of all programming is 4:3, I don't see much point in purchasing a 16:9 set. BTW, if you buy a 16:9 set, you will just burn the tube anyway. If you bought a nice shiny 16:9 plasma and watch TV with black bars on the sides, you should be shot. You just pissed away $4k. Throw in a movie with tons of bright white scenes like Fargo. See how the middle of the image is darker than the sides? You burned the phosphor on your TV. That's why it's stupid to buy a 16:9 format TV. (Yes DMD and LCD are somewhat immune to these problems)

The moral of the story: HDTV fucking rocks.

I also decided to talk about this because I REALLY want to get a HDTV setup in my bedroom. Do I have the cash to do that? No. Will I do it anyway? Probably. ;)

Cool song I was just listening to: Caress by Pzycho Bitch
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